PyconZim 2016 Moments - part 2

PyconZim 2016 Moments - part 2

- 1 min

What I learnt at PyconZim

The previous post about PyconZim 2016 was just a meer display of excitement. I had to be excited, I met a lot of cool people and learnt a lot too.

The 10-minute Intro to Vim

Vim Vim Vim!!

The Pycon talks

Mike Place - Introduction to managing systems with SaltStack
Amanda Gelender - Social Impact & Open Source : How developers can drive change.
Ronald Maravanyika - Growing Python use among women
Tendai Marengereke - Reproducible Research in Python

Watch more PyconZim 2016 talks here

Terry Mafura

Terry Mafura

I'm not a robot, I'm just like you

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